Mer än 50 års erfarenhet
Vi lagerhåller rör från 76 till 508 mm
Vi skräddarsyr rör & böjar

A reliable manufacturer of pipes and elbows.

For more than 50 years we have been manufacturing pipes and elbows, the last 20 of which have been in our own factory in Falkenberg. We manufacture more than 30 different dimensions, from 76 mm through 508 mm. We always keep between 3000 and 4000 metres of pipes in stock, in steel qualities such as Corten (355), acid proof (EN1.4404) and crude steel (235). Other than pipes we also have more than 300 segment elbows in store. We offer custom made pipes and elbows after your requests, both in dimension and steel qualities, i.e. 904L, 253MA. Feel free to place an order or request.


Closed for vacation week 28 – 31

Production is closed for vacation week 28 – 31. Telephone 076 76 80 140 or e-mail Some deliveries of wares in stock may be handled case by case.


You can now order our handy booklet listing all our products in store.

Segment elbows

We now also have segment elbows 508×4 mm Corten in store.

Pre-cut 2 metres

Pipe quality 2343/EN 1.4404 Dimension 103×1,5 mm Length = 2 m